Responding to my Congressman on Sending Troops to Syria


A letter from our Congressman Eric Swalwell polled us on whether we supported President Obama’s decision to send 50 special operations soldiers to Syria. Regardless of whether I responded “yes” or “no,” I applaud the congressman for reaching out to his constituents, and for taking a principled stand. He opposes the U.S. putting combat troops on the ground with little or no commitment from other interested and affected Middle East countries.

Looking at the question as a simple Yes/No choice, however, doesn’t address the larger questions: Is the president doing the right things to keep us safe from ISIS terrorism? How do 50 special ops troops support our strategy? And, by the way, is there a strategy? If so, what is it?

The president attempted to address those questions with a statement claiming that our strategy is working well and that we have contained the ISIS threat. Unfortunately, he made that statement only a few hours before ISIS struck Paris, killing or wounding hundreds of people.

The current president and his successor in 2017 need to be straight with the American people. If the first job of the president is to keep us safe, President Obama failed from the moment he called ISIS “the JV team.” Instead of feeding unsupportable “feel-good” statements to the Congress and the media, he needed to crush ISIS before it metastasized into a state that now reaches into other countries, including our own.

Ridding the world of this dangerous sworn enemy isn’t a question of Liberal vs. Conservative or Democrat vs. Republican. Nor is it a matter of sending 50 special ops troops to Syria.

Congressman Swalwell’s contention that the effort must involve a commitment from other affected countries is correct. Getting that commitment requires the kind of leadership we expect from the President of the United States.

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Author: Steve Vachss

Steve Vachss has enjoyed a career that permitted him to perform diverse roles. He has been a reporter, a broadcaster, an editor, a tech executive, a tech marketing consultant, and entrepreneur-founder of a company providing online business services. He’s also a US Army veteran. Through all of these experiences, his first love has always been writing. Prior to creating “The Victory that Wasn't,” he wrote literally hundreds of online articles, web pages, and “how-to” books, as well as guest editorials for print media. Born in Stamford, CT, he now lives in Dublin, CA, a San Francisco Bay Area suburb.

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