Warren vs. Fiorina Would Offer Best Choices for Voters


Most politicians and pundits would scoff at the news clip depicted here, declaring a 2016 presidential election pitting Elizabeth Warren vs. Carly Fiorina. Nevertheless, if these two candidates were the Democrat and Republican nominees, America would experience a more informative election than any in recent memory. Arguably, we might also elect the most effective leader  since FDR, JFK, or Ronald Reagan.

Doubters might consider the following differences of this candidate choice, vs. the usual election menu:

  • This election would be free of rhetoric about wars on women, or any other fictitious claims of gender politics.
  • Voters anxious to elect the first woman president could select a woman without concern that their candidate is otherwise unpalatable.
  • Both candidates would be free of political baggage for past misdeeds. Neither would make charges about email scandals, family foundation financial chicanery, or misogynistic name-calling on Twitter.
  • As female political pioneers, both candidates would demand to be taken seriously. They would therefore likely avoid emotional non-starter issues like abortion and birth control, and speak to issues like jobs programs, healthcare reform, the out-of-control national debt, and protection of the homeland.
  • Even though one candidate is associated with the far left, and the other is associated with the far right, both appear to be high-integrity leaders who will do the right thing, and eschew the politics-only thing.
  • Though both have been outspoken voices against racism, neither would pander to ethnic groups with political promises that could never be fulfilled.
  • Disaffected voters would see fresh faces, and wouldn’t have to vote for another Bush or another Clinton.
  • America might see another Angela Merkel, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, or Indira Gandhi, instead of the same old business-as-usual leaders. The change would be refreshing.

My book “The Victory that Wasn’t” offers a fictional alternate history with a different kind of Military, and better outcomes for all Americans. It’s available on Amazon at http://amzn.to/1GUL8oX



Author: Steve Vachss

Steve Vachss has enjoyed a career that permitted him to perform diverse roles. He has been a reporter, a broadcaster, an editor, a tech executive, a tech marketing consultant, and entrepreneur-founder of a company providing online business services. He’s also a US Army veteran. Through all of these experiences, his first love has always been writing. Prior to creating “The Victory that Wasn't,” he wrote literally hundreds of online articles, web pages, and “how-to” books, as well as guest editorials for print media. Born in Stamford, CT, he now lives in Dublin, CA, a San Francisco Bay Area suburb.

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